Shaft Technology

We at Tiger have experimented the idea of making the perfect shaft a long before we started making it about 12 years ago. We have laminated more pieces, than we use today. We have used different kinds of core systems and materials hoping to create the best shaft. Materials we have tried include; carbon fiber, high quality plastics, phenolic, titanium and everything else you can think of. We came to one conclusion, if you want the best playing shaft, which plays as solid as possible, has the best feel

and cue ball control, you have to use natural wood. If you are playing Pool or Billiards, Hard Rock Maple is the only choice, which has been used for more than a century. Once everything was clear, it was time to create the perfect harmony between number of grains to achieve the radial consistency. It was very important to us how to cut the grain in a way that would keep the integrity of the wood and still have the natural flex and even perfect cosmetic appeal.

Answer our patented 5X laminated technology system.

What is 5X you ask?

5X is a 4 piece lamination process from outside using a same number of grain pieces in each piece. Each piece has straight grain and is aligned so the grains will move towards the center of the shaft creating the perfect X effect. This helps us create the perfect 360 degree radial consistency. The 5th piece is our elongated square going from one end to the other, adding unsurpassed feel, while keeping the integrity of the natural Maple hit and feel. We use all Maple technology for all of our high performance series shafts from inside out and we use some balsa for low to no deflection shafts.

Result, the very best shafts in the world both for high performance or low to no deflection. Our low deflection shafts are the only laminated ones in the world with all wood all solid construction without hollowing the shaft front ends and adding other materials other than wood. By hollowing front end of the shafts you lose the solid hit and feel. By doing so, you lose better cue ball feedback and control. What does this mean? It means if you have the capability to move the cue ball exactly where you want to, you can do it more precisely with our X series shafts than any other shafts in the world today, every shot, every time, guaranteed.

Tiger® Pool Shafts
Tiger® Carom Shafts

How long does it take to make a shaft?

Well, since we have large selection and inventory of wood, we can be more patient than most production companies. Some of our wood is at least 10 years old, however after we wait, minimum of 1 to 2 years, we can start cutting our shaft wood for production. During the wait time we still cure and stabilize the wood in our factory. Once it is ready for lamination process, it still takes another 6 to 12 months before you get the final product. Each batch is dated and cuts are numbered. We wait at least 1-2 months between each cuts (minimum). We do minimum or 5 cuts before its’ ready to become a final product. Yes, we call this production, since we make more of the same, but we assure you, we do everything and then some more you would normally get from a custom cue maker. Difference is you get a faster service and better price. We use nothing but the best AAA+ Canadian Hard Rock Maple and if it’s not #1, then it won’t be sold. All of this and all proudly made in the USA in our factory in Burbank.

Tours are available to public, so next time you are in beautiful Burbank, CA, please call and make an appointment and take your personalized tour with us. We welcome you!