Icebreaker® SEV Performance Break/Jump Cue

Each Icebreaker SEV break/jump cue is equipped with TIGER® Break SEV high performance shaft, phenolic ferrule, Icebreaker+® jump break tip, Tiger joint protectors and a soft velvet case. SEV is a very dense tight grained wood specifically collected & cured overtime to add natural flex and power on impact. It counters energy on contact adding more spring like effect to your natural power giving you added speed. Our weight balance and control gives the cue its unique ability to adapt to any power with total control. Each Icebreaker SEV butt is made of 3 piece handles to accommodate short or long jump shots. Each handle has a precise weight and balance to give the player maximum capability with minimum efforts. Our latest Icebreaker+ tip adds the final power with much better feel and feedback.  Icebreaker SEV, power beyond imagination!

Proudly Made in USA!

Standard cue specifications and items included; 

Cue Length - 58"
Weight-  17.5oz. - 20.5oz.
Handle - No Wrap
Shaft - Tiger® Break high performance shaft 29"
Cue tip – Icebreaker+ jump break cue tip - 13.00mm
Joint protector - Tiger joint protectors
Case - Soft black velvet Tiger cue case

* Expect 2-3 weeks wait time minimum *