Cue Joints
Introducing the Tiger® Joint Pin
All new Tiger Cues, X2 and Sneaky Pete series cues made after September 1st, 2016 will come with new Tiger joint pin. Stainless steel is used for Pool and Aluminum for Billiards.  New Tiger pin is specially designed by Tiger Products to give the player, the tightest and most precise connection for a cue.

It is fully guaranteed not to come loose during play. Tiger pin adds consistency, an unsurpassed feel and power to your game every time. It is proudly made in the USA.
Tiger offers the most amount of choices when it comes to joint types for our high performance or low deflection shafts. If your cue joint is not a stock item, it doesn’t mean we can’t make it. Although it might fall under a custom category, in most cases Tiger can make it! For more information, ask your local dealer!