Tiger® Break Laminated Cue Tips
We all know one of the key shots to winning is how well you break. This is one of those  cue tips that will definitely help you improve your break. tips Selected from quality cow & pig hide, this cue tip is made with the same quality as our other line of laminated cue tips. Vacuum laminated with VACULAM™ process, the bottom half is laminated for power and the top half for maximum control.

Tiger BREAK Cue Tips, when it really comes down to it all you have to do is just ELEVATE YOUR GAME!
All genuine Tiger BREAK Cue tips will have the name, the year it’s made, Tiger logo and Made in USA. If it’s not on the back end of the tip, then It’s not genuine Tiger tip.

Installation: Glue from the laser engraved side

Hardness: Super Hard (6)
Durometer (Type A): 98 
Durometer (Type B/C): 92-95
Diameter: 15 mm only 
Tips Per Box: 12