Core Technology

Today most cues pretty much look the same from outside, but are they made the same way internally. Actually not most cues are not made the same way, at least ours is not. What makes our cues different, why is Tiger better, why should you buy Tiger cues? These are all great questions and after you take few minutes to read about how it’s made, you will understand why.

We only select and purchase A+ exotic wood from companies around the world, some by personal visits to their plants and some during conventions. Since we buy in large quantities we get better prices than most.

After we purchase the wood we let it cure as long as it takes if possible. If we need to use it in the shortest amount of time, the minimum is 1-2 years. It is not what you see from outside that makes our cues special or stand out from the rest, it is what you don’t see. That’s our internal construction, which has taken many years of trial and error.

Since our 5X patented lamination system has been working great for shafts, we decided to use the same concept as a core in our cues.

What does the core do for the butt of the cue?

It helps to achieve radial consistency, adds solid hit and more power. It helps you moving cue ball better and easier and helps to eliminate any vibration.

What does it do for us?

It allows us to balance each cue weight to an acceptable weight from 17+ to 21 oz and helps us control the perfect balance point for each one.

How is the core made you ask?

5X is a 4 piece lamination process from outside using a same number of wood grain in each piece. All Hard Rock Maple used has straight grain and is aligned so the grains move towards the center of the shaft creating the perfect X effect. This helps us create the perfect 360 degree radial consistency.

The 5th piece is our elongated square going from one end to the other, adding unsurpassed feel, while keeping the integrity of the natural Maple hit and feel. If you want more detailed information, please read it in the shaft technology section for all the benefits of the 5X patented lamination technology system.