Rubber Bumper & Weight Technology
After many years of testing different rubber bumpers, we came to one conclusion. If we want the bumpers to perform properly, we need to design our own and ensure it does what a rubber bumper is supposed to do. Most rubber bumpers on cues today are pretty much the same. Since most come from the same factory, they are not specifically made for Billiards.

We custom designed a rubber bumper for a unique look and enhanced performance. You’re probably wondering a rubber bumper for enhanced performance? YES, we make our bumpers with the right angle to protect the butt cap. The quality of the rubber is unlike any in the market, making the Tiger rubber bumpers the most durable in the world. With that said, our bumpers help absorb and eventually eliminate vibration, making every hit a pure one!

The weight bolt system size used for Tiger cue is 5/8 (18)”. One inch bolts are 1 oz and half inch bolts are .5 oz. This allows us and you to adjust the weights from 17+ oz. all the way to 21 oz., while keeping the proper balance for each cue.