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Shawn Putnam


I was born in New Castle, Pa. on May 30, 1971. My mom and dad got divorced when I was 4 years old. Mom (Antonia) raised me for 10 years after that and then shipped me up to my dads house for him to raise me for the next 4 years. My father (Sidney) was an independent truck driver and was gone alot . When I got to my dads house I instantly had 2 brothers and a sister. No more being the only child and being spoiled. My stepmother (Carol) did a pretty good job raising 4 kids. When I was 19 my family moved to Hilton Head, SC. but there wasn't enough room for me so my dad gave me a car and sent me out into the world to fend for myself. I had been working at Castle Hills Golf Course for about 3 years and saved up enough money to get an apartment and be completely independent on my own.

        When I was around five years old I would watch the Legends of Pocket Billiards on TV and was just mesmerized. My mom would call me in the house from playing every time pool was on. Around the age of 8 my mom was dating a man by the name of Willie Madison. He was a pool husler and would take me with him sometimes to the bars and I would sit on a bar stool and watch him play. It was amazing and I fell in love with the game. My grandfather would take me to the Eagles Club where they had a 9' table and I was aloud to roll the balls on the table but I couldn't use a cue till I was alot older because of there rules. We also had a pool room in New Castle called "Kitchen Korner" ( A local drug hang out ) . It was a rough place but that was where I learned how to really play good pool. All of your local huslers hung out there. I sometimes got thrown out of the house and would sleep in the basement of the pool hall and practice for hours. Then one day Jackie Palmer came in. He was the best pool player in town and the best I had erver seen in person. During my years at Kitchen I got to watch Jackie gamble with some of the best players from the surrounding areas. He beat them all of course. Jackie eventually built his own pool room called "New Castle Billiard Club" .  By that time Jackie had taken an interest in my game and started working with me. I eventually became the best player in town and then I had to leave and get some seasoning on the road.

         In 1999 I started playing on the "Viking Cue 9-Ball Tour" where I learned how to win. I was the tour champion for 7 years in row winning an astounding 54 events competing against some of the best players in the world. During that time I was playing in alot of Pro tournaments and cashing well but couldn't find a way to win one. Everything changed in 2005 when I was thinking about quiting pool. I had set a bunch of little goals for myself like winning a pro event,being ranked #1 in the country,getting on the Mosconi cup . All of a sudden the pro tour came to Pittsburgh and I was able to drive home from the tournament every night and was in my comfort zone. I won the Pittsburgh Open undefeated . My first Pro win and it was also the first event of the year so I was ranked #1 in the country. Then I went to Valley Forge at the SBE and won the Players Championship. 2 events in a row. nearing the end of the year it was time to anounce the members of the Mosconi Cup and I was fortunate enough to be picked for Team America.






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